UNC snacks update

Today I was able to drop a big delivery of snacks and juice boxes to the pediatric oncology clinic at UNC Children’s. It’s always a privilege to do so, and I wanted to take the chance to say thank you to everyone who helps us do this on a monthly basis. It really does mean so much to those kiddos…and to us.
Every time I pull up to the hospital and those big sliding doors open, a big gust of cold, sterile hospital air hits me in the face and it takes me back. It’s hard. Really, really hard. This is the place where so many heartbreaking, but sometimes happy, moments took place. The hospital was Claire’s place and I want her there with me. She should be there–and everywhere, every day–with me. It wrings and twists my heart and I don’t have adequate words. But even with all of that, I am always glad to be there because my sweet angel girl is the reason. It makes me feel close to her. So thank you, everyone, for giving that to me today.
This all may sound sappy and over the top, but in the midst of pain and hardship, these juice boxes and cups of mac and cheese mean something. So thank you to all of our donors for letting my sweet girl live on through these small things. It does my heart good.

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