First Annual Build-A-Bear with Claire at UNC on June 17th


First annual Build-A-Bear with Claire Party in the books and it was a huge SUCCESS! The kids were sooooo excited! They were absolutely thrilled to do the whole BAB drill in the hospital. We saw stuffed bunnies wearing hospital bracelets, we overheard children exuberantly telling their nurse that their new puppy would be at every treatment, and we saw children joyously carrying those big white BAB box houses around the hospital. It was awesome. Thank you to all who “sponsored a bear” (or multiple bears!) 😊 Every stuffed animal at the party was either taken home with a child visiting the outpatient clinic or is currently residing with a child who is inpatient receiving treatment. Thank you to everyone! Because of your generosity, we are doing another Build-A-Bear party at the Ronald McDonald House in July! 🐻❤️🌈🐻❤️🌈#too_cute_for_cancer

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